Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What I Brought Today

Loads of new stuff yaaay !!!

 Mac Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder - £26 (I Think) 
Pearlmatte Face Powder - £23 (I Think)

Jack Wills have to have the comfiest pants my bum has ever seen! At £12.50 there abit above reasonable price however taking in mind the comfort and how durable they are i believe the price is more than reasonable compared to for example some Topshop pants i brought a while ago that have already started fraying in the wash and they were around that price themselves if not more i think! They have a few different designs to chose from, some more classic styles and some more print of the season. I must say however i wish they would bring out more new prints as some are a little boring. 
Jack Wills - Both £12.50 (offer on £19.95 for 2)
Plus if youre a student they do a student discount!!  

At the moment i have been drawling over agent provocateur underwear its all so luxurious and feminine. So i decided to do my usual *scrawl ebay in hope of finding Korean or Japanese replicas* and i came across these. The purple ones where £2 i think and the black ones where a pound and you're pretty much getting what you payed for. The black pair's fabric is pretty tacky and doesn't feel nice against the skin tbh. They were described as a one size fits all, something i think is pretty silly taking in mind the many size differences within the female population. After trying them on i discovered the 'one size fits all' was more like a 'this wont fit you unless you're an 8' which at an 8/10 bottom half wasn't the comfiest thing ever made. Its also completely see-through something that wasn't clear in the photo and description, so ill be happy to say i wont be buying any more of those!! The purple one however was quite elasticated so fitted quite well, the jewels on the ribbon though added a cheap affect. The description also described them as being black so that was a surprise! Both took 4-5 weeks to come and i can happily say i think ill stick to the real thing!

I got this beautiful lace nude bra in the Topshop sale for £10. I'm in love with all things mesh lace especially underwear so this was defiantly a great find for me. I also got discount *praise the student card* so that brought it down aswell :)  

Jack Wills Dress - £70
One of my favourite buys of the day has to be my new season Jack Wills summer dress that i instantly fell in love with. The pattern is so summery and it fits so perfectly around the bust and hips.
 I shall do an outfit post on it soon!

Topshop Pink Jumper - £19 (student discount+sale) 
Whilst getting the lace bra i also found this beautiful pink fluffy jumper in the Topshop sale. As you can tell from the picture the fabric is very fury so feels very soft and cuddly. It however is made of polyester so is very prone to static charge which can be abit irritating oh and shouldn't get close to any flames!  

  Car Boot - £1
I got these throwers from a car boot the other day for a pound!I picked them up thinking they were gonna be a child's size but was surprised to find they were exactly my size! I was so pleased to find them as i've seen alot of printed similar ones in topshop. They have a very 80's vibe as they are infact from the time which i am a big fan off!! 

Wonderbra - £36
 I've been trying to find some nice bra's recently and came across this beautiful one from Wonderbra. I've never owned a wonderbra before so this was all new and exciting for me! I however didn't want to buy it straight off the Wonderbra official website as its quite expensive and im never sure how they're going to come up on me. I decided to look around the shops instead to try and find it and i found it in John Lewis! They only had the cup size bigger than mine left as they don't usually do smaller sizes. I decided to try It on though to see how it fits incase i wanted to order it to the shop. I was pleasantly surprised to find the bigger size fitted amazingly! The woman explained that sometimes you need to get the bigger size with Wonderbra's to get the better fit. The bra has no straps so i was worried about it falling down however the little hand like things on the inside made sure it stayed in perfect place and i didnt feel the need to keep pulling it up atall. Something you sometimes find with strapless bras. As i got to the till, bra in hand, it turned out they had 20% off today in the store so it brought the bra down to £28 :D 

Makeup Brush - 2 for £9

New Rings - £16, £15

My mum also got me some stunning lilys that smell A M A Z I N G !!

Jumper - Topshop - £19

kiss kiss 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

#EbaySandals Under £30

Ebay Sandals part 2

So i have been procrastinating from my work by searching for sandals on Ebay (the usual) and have put together some of my favourites:) These are all under 30 pounds and the links are below :)




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