Thursday, 1 August 2013



Dress - Primark £10 
Net Top - Charity Shop - £1 
Gold Necklace - Ebay - Here 99p 
Topshop Rucksack - Ebay - £18 
Sandals - River Island - £45 
Ray Bans - £120 

Heya dalrings! I'm sorry about the quality of these photos! Seems the sun was trying to get in the shot too.  As I was walking by Primark this week I couldnt help but notice one of the mannequins wearing a very beautiful maxi dress so I decided to go see if i could find it in store. As I looked around the store I couldnt find it anywhere so I asked a member of staff who informed me it'd sold out apart from the one dress on the mannequin in the window which happened to be exactly my size! coincidence or not I brought the dress and it fits perfectly and pulls in, in all the right places! I find sometimes with body fitting garments that they tend to be abit unflattering with parts of my tummy and thighs sticking out in strange ill-suited ways. However this dress is just perfect! and for £10 I can find no fault! 

So what has everyone been up too this week ? :)