Monday, 19 May 2014


Hat - Accessories / Shoes - New Look / Maxi Skirt - Monsoon via charity shop / Crop Top - Monki / Belt - River Island / Necklace - New Look Sale / Earrings - New Look Sale / Sunglasses - Via polyvore

heya, so I have FINALLY got round to taking photos of an ootd *cheering*, and this amazing weather makes it so much easier. I am wearing this beautiful maxi skirt I found in my local charity shop for £3.50 BARGIN! Its originally from monsoon, so as you can imagine its good quality. It is however a size 12, so I was planning on taking it in, although with a belt it doesn't really matter as it comes up quite small anyways plus the pattern is just so perfect for this sunny weather. I teamed the skirt with my monki crop top (that I brought for a festival last year and didn't think I would find another new use for) I'm actually wearing it the wrong way round as it went with the outfit better like that. I love love love cat eye sunglasses and these were a christmas present last year that I saw on polyvore (if you follow me you'll be able to find the link). One of my obsessions at the moment is indian/ethnical kinda jewellery (not sure how to explain) so I was overwhelmed when I went into New Look after work and saw these beautiful earrings in the sale for an amazing £3!!! I also spotted the gold leaf necklace, that had 50% off so was around £4.50 and couldn't resist. However, after wearing it the rest of the same day some of the hooks have already came off, so its basically falling apart, so I'm deffo going to be taking that back!! 1 day! pffft. So anyways I will hopefully be trying to make my blog more constant, as I finish school this week forever AHH scary stuff. My new memory card also came for my camera so a YouTube video is on the way. Goodbye for now. 

What do you think of the outfit ? Link me your summer looks !! 

Whats 6KS????

6ks weekly pick.

If you're like me, you'll see bloggers constantly referring to receiving stuff from a site called 6ks. Now I'm always quite sceptical when bloggers mention how great items are that they have basically been plugged to mention, but I thought neither the less I would check the site out for myself. I was so so surprised with some of the items they were selling and generally impressed with the prices, it felt like a kinda online primark for the best of the dupes. For example the iconic paint t from zara, was only £14, not to mention all shipping is free and they have an online discount code to  receive 16% off! Shipping does take around 3 weeks though which I felt, being the impatient person I am, was too long. I'd probably forget I brought it by then and be pleasantly surprised. Never the less I am fascinated by each new product they bring out, for example the dress with the two ladies pictured above. Now correct me if its intact some rip-off of another dress, that wouldn't surprise me, but at £17 it just feels like a bargain for a real statement one off piece and as an artist myself any unusual pattern/ design always captures my eye, so this site defiantly keeps me interested and up to date. 3 weeks though? hmmm I'll just have to see if I believe anything is worth those weeks ahah and ill be sure to get back to you guys to see if it was worth it or if the quality is disappointing. 
Here are a few of my fave pics at the moment, they price from £8 - £20 so it is cheap cheap stuff! Please let me know what you think as I love love love comments!