Saturday, 2 November 2013

#OOTD + Halloween !

Halloween Pumpkin - Walter White Inspired 

Dress - H&M 
Belt - River Island 
Top - Hand Made 
Scarf - Car Boot 
Coat - Topshop
Shoes - H&M

Heya guys, Happy Halloween ! better late than never! So here is a quick blog post about what I have been doing/wearing ect ect.. I have just got back from babysitting so am v v tiered so I'm sorry in advance if none of this makes sense aha Anyhow this is an outfit post I wore to Cambridge on tuesday. I got the monochrome dress when i was shopping in London a while ago and just thought it was an absolute bargain at £12.99 like whut?? They only had it in an XS though and although it fits it is rather tight around the neck which can get rather annoying. The top I made myself ages ago which i was planning to make a matching skirt with (I have the material and already have places a waistband in it) I just need to find some time to get round to it. Now for the pumpkin! When I first cut out the pieces I thought it wasn't going to look a thing like Walter White/Heisenberg (From the series Breaking Bad if you don't know what I'm on about) but then I put a tea light inside and BAM wolaaa it looks great! I was so so pleased with it deffo upped my game for next year! I was In London on Halloween looking at the 'Facing the modern: The portrait in Vienna' exaction at the Royal Academy and looking round the university Camberwell so felt pretty worn out by the end of the day so just went to sleep! boring boring aha I did however buy some lovaaay stuff from the shop Monki in London. I have been dying to visit it for a while now and always buy stuff from them online so thought it would be great to actually have the chance to try things on in store. As i imagined i would i ended up spending loads of money.. but how can you blame me when everything so god damn amazing and reasonably priced?? I might end up doing my first ever haul video scary stuff on youtube soon, would anyone be interested in watching it? Thanks !! 

What kind of Pumpkins did you guys make ?