Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Printed Slip On's

Printed Slip On's

Those Tiger Kenzo Van's are defiantly going to be my next purchase! love love love !


Update Date

Heya Guys! 
I swear all bloggers do is tell people they plan to blog more and never get round to it haha but that is infact what i have been saying and well i guess i'm going to have to say it again! Thankfully half term is just around the corner so that should give me some actual time praise! However I have masses of work that needs to be completed and alot of painting to get done so who knows i may just end up saying the same thing but hopefully not! Anyways a quick update to what I have been up to the past few weeks and below is a load of instagram photos that show some brief outfits ect ( my phones camera is really shite in advance) So where should I start? I have been going to many open days at the moment looking at art foundation courses and I must say I am completely stuck on Central St Martins like everywhere else I just don't feel the same :/ I have still got a few more to look at however so things may change plus I have camberwell to look round in two weeks which was another of my favourites but i do love love love st martins! plus Pulp! This weekend I went with my friend to Manchester 3 hour car ride and ended up looking at Manchester Met's foundation course which was okay. Afterwards I really wanted to look at the Northen Quarter as alot of people have mentioned it being good for vintage/quirky clothing however we didn't really have any time and my friend wanted to meet up with this guy so I'm planning to do a return visit when I have some money/passed my driving test! Aswell in Manchester we took a quick stop to look in Primark and saw a Henry Holland top on a primark hanger, It was so so odd and we just kinda stood and looked at it for a while like it didn't have tags or anything hmm I wonder what happened to it now! I did nevertheless see quite alot of amazing things in primark, such as jumpers and this lovely sparkly maxi skirt, although the que for the changing room was like a mile so didn't have time to get anything, but thank god im in Leeds this weekend so shall defiantly take time to look around again. Hopefully the pieces haven't sold out!   
I also went to visit Loughborough University at the art foundation course which was super hard to locate as they had 0 signs and no instructions which meant I arrived rather late however I did look round and see the talk which was informative! They are very sporty and have wednesdays off for sport (something me and my mum found funny as I am probably the least sporty person ever) But overall they had lots of equipment and things which was good! Afterwards I went to Melton Mowbray to look around the charity shops and get a costa. I found the most wonderful fur jacket in one of the shops for £6 that looks alot like one I saw recently on meemee! Taking in mind me costa cost more than the actual jacket I thought I just had to buy it! The picture below doesn't really do it any justice as it has so many different colours in real life which you cant really tell in the photo (again terrible camera) I shall try and include it into an outfit of the day post soon so you should be able to see it properly! 
I have been looking into student flats in London as the art University's tend to not have there own accommodation and I have seen a few that remind me so much of Fresh Meat (A TV program for anyone that doesn't know) and it's just making me so excited :D :D :D :D  Oooo I forgot to mention I also went to look at UCA in London and finally got myself a winter coat (the one i had been dribbling at from topshop for agesss) So I will have less dagger nips which is always a plus haha and and and I couldn't resist buying this black and white striped body-con dress from H&M and an ornate necklace which together cost like £26 which I thought was pretty decent. 
So yeah thats about all I can think of at the moment just been doing alot of work and thinking about half term now!

(they make it look so dark:()

#peace blues miss Leeds! 

My adorable kitten! 
New fur coat for £6!
Loughborough outfit that I changed at last min
 because its super cold now aha
Skirt - Etsy
Belt - River Island 
Skirt - Hand Made 
Top (Leotard) - Primark
Fancy you 
London Outfit
Top- Ark 
Belt -River Island 
Skirt - Charity Shop
Boots -H&M
Socks- Urban Outfitters 

Who doesn't like Temples? There from near where I live which is so strange yet amazing! Check them out!