Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Do I Make You Feel Shy?

Jeans - Topshop 
Shoes & Belt - River Island 
Leather Jacket - H&M 
Top - Charity Shop 

I have FINALLY finished all my exams/ school life !!!! *CHEERING* So what better than a makeup free second day of freedom outfit post!? (yikes! I guess I am finally getting into the every-day blogging..) Today has been pretty much a 'catch up on lost sleep' / 'get equipment needed to re-decorate bedroom' kinda day. I have been telling myself that I would finally get round to re-decorating it once my exams and important stuff was out of the way, so I guess I have no more excuses now! I will most probably do a few posts on room decorating tips and the ideas I have on themes / before & after ect, so if that sounds interesting to you please leave a comment below! Now to the outfit... since I was having a very laid back day, I chose a very simple combination of slouchy ripped jeans and the classic blue stripped T. I mixed this with the beautiful leather jacket from H&M that I brought recently, which I know is a bloggers favourite. Not only is it beautiful but its also only £29.99 !? A bargain for such a statement piece that goes with everything. Finally the star of the show.. my new cheese plant!! Now as weird as it sounds, I have been wanting a cheese plant for so long now and since im re-decorating, its a must... Cheese plant.. hmm such a strange name... but yes I shall leave you all for now! Till next time darlings ! xxx