Thursday, 5 September 2013

Home is where you take your bra off.

Okay, so for people that know me, they'll understand i'm slightly too obsessed with bra's and nickers (preferably matching ones but in reality hardly ever..) so i thought this Thursday evening I would dedicate a post to some of the lovely underwear I wish I had money to buy!


Underwear Set 1


                                                Bra £110 / Thong £60 / Suspender £70  


                                                  Bra £95 / Suspenders £95 / Thong £55


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Things that I want 01/09/2013

Heya Guys! Thought I would do a quick update about things that have happened/are going on recently. So as you may already know I spent the weekend at the amazing Leeds Festival ! So many crazy things happened and I meet so many lovely people some of whom im still in contact with which is fab! Personal highlights would have to be Harrys antics from hiding things in erm interesting places and selling them on to security, to bribing a security guard with a fiver to take a poo in the woods. Another would be when Findlar kneed me in the face when jumping into my arms to wake bake skate pretty cool moment ohh and accidentally grabbing Crystal Fighters front mans pubes ahh the list goes on of random events so lets just say it was the funniest weekend of the summer and I would recommend it to anyone ALTHOUGH after going two years in row I would say its not a great 'first festival' as its very 'full on' for example the girl next to us's tent got set alight with her stuff in which made me feel really bad for her so I would enter with pro-caution and not bring anything you wouldn't mind losing ! Other than that amazzzzing! I do however now have tonsillitis ! Typical! And the back to school blues are kicking in fast :'( :'( :'( So to cheer me up I have made a 'Things I Want' collage to try and spur me on through these last days of freedom !  The strange floral image in the background is a bed set I want btw it was hard to include it in la collage! Links are bellow the images and anything else just ask!
See You Lovelies! 
Things that I want 31/08/2013