Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Night Fever Night Fever

New obsession revealed... Flares.

When I think of flared trousers I instantly picture Mick Jagger swaying around a stage to 'Gimme Shelter' or something along the lines of this... 

Before the obsession started, I always assumed flares weren't very flattering as I am A, Not the tallest of people and B, find it hard as it is finding jeans that fit me in the right places. But after carrying out some research and seeing an increasing number of people sweeping them out the closet I can safely say that I am slowly growing fond of the idea. I think its time to find my inner 70's sheek. My favourite flares have to be the high wasted patterned type as they are just soo show stopping! (McQueen number at the bottom make my heart warmer) They work so well when they are tight at the top and then become full flare around the bottom of the knee with a nice pair of wooden sandals...
 I strongly believe flares are on the comeback as the jeans of the summer! Now that is one hell of a statement so I think it deserves some evidence.. Que photo evidence of people looking good in flares..