Friday, 9 May 2014

Lusting Over

Heya guys, so just a quick update of a few things that have recently caught my eye... Well this and many other things... Im obsessing over pretty swimsuits and bikini's ,even though I have 0 use for them, (someone take me on holiday) well maybe if i was to strut my stuff at the local swimming pool lol. I am also IN LOVE with those ALDO floral print sandals, are they not just stunning!? They are sadly sold out :( and I don't live near an ALDO shop so I shall just have to keep my eyes out for something similar or on my trusty friend eBay! I also love the similar ones they have just brought out from Topshop, however the heel is a lot higher and I don't think my feet would be too impressed, not that my feet have that much say over my life.

In other news.. I have also decided to make a Youtube ! HORAY! So I shall try and fit in some 'filming time' over the weekend, most probably after work. I think this will be great, since I have such a weakness to buying pretty things, I thought it would be more interesting to show you guys by video as I kinda suck at writing (dyslexic 4 lyf) and find it SO SO much easier to talk about things. Its also a lot easier to show you the things than fill up all my memory card with photos. I may also do a lookbook feature within the video to show how I would style the pieces. So there we have it! I am fast approaching becoming a Youtuber! Now all I need are viewers.. Hmm i wonder if they sell them in Topshop?? 
Lusting over..