Saturday, 13 April 2013


Dior Homie top - ebay - £4
Dungarees - vintage shop cambridge - £20 
Gold necklace - ebay - £1.20
Spiked necklace - Topshop - £3 (sale)
Circle necklace - Topshop - £3 (sale)
Sparkely tights - H&m - £8

So here's my second ootd with my new 'Dior Homie' tee that i got of ebay for £4 there quite easy to find :) I teamed my top with my favourite pair of dungarees i got a while back from a vintage shop in the arcade at Cambridge.  I also cut my own fringe this morning so its looking abit dodgy ahah oh well :') The weather isn't been great here at the moment mostly rain and lots of wind well at least it hasn't started snowing again...  I havent been able to go shopping either as i've been inside revising for my alevels which is 'fun'. I did however join the e-tailwebstores blogger network which made me all excited as im finally really getting into the whole 'fashion blogging' although my 3 follower  do say otherwise ;) I think im going to start a weekly ebay finds as well as its always my favourite to check out on other blogs, so i guess that just about rounds everything i had to say off..

Oh wait theres one more thing! I really want to see the new Evil Dead not too sure why ill probably end up being sick after but its the first horror film i've seen the trailer for and actually wanted to see. My mum also told me all about the original being banned and how no one could sleep after seeing it which made me want to see it even more it got 7.3/10 on the IMBd which is a good sign! Well leave a comment and tell me what you think! Bye for now! xxx

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