Monday, 14 April 2014


Heya guys, so recently I've been feeling my blog is a tad on the boring side (don't all agree at once jeez.. ;) but yeah this could be for many reasons, being terrible at writing , no time, very un-photogenic .., not owning photoshop.. the list goes on... soo I think its time for a makeover and abit of a re-vamp! However I don't think I'm ready to fork out £40 for a new layout.. does anyone know any good websites for free blog layouts?? Please? aha 
 Anyways back to the outfit! I found this amazing skirt and jacket combo in a local charity shop recently for around £7 and although it was a mahossive size I felt I couldn't part with the beautiful fabric. So I decided to do some altering! I brought the waist of the skirt in quite a fair deal and shortened it, I then used the excess material to create a matching crop top (shall maybe do another outfit showing the crop top?) The crop top I am wearing is from River Island and cost £8, I believe. I was planning to get it in white aswell but I must say tight white necklines and foundation and me don't go well together ! The shoes are from New Look and cost about £26 with a student discount (never knew new look did student discount so this made me extremely happy). For there hight, they easy to walk in,very comfortable and the perfect summer shoe. 

Hope you all have a lovely day.


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