Sunday, 8 June 2014

When Do I Get Payed Again??

Heya guys, so just a quick weekly favourites! A very casual choice if i do say so myself ! I think each piece is quite versatile, which is always great on a low budget when you're just looking for key pieces you can wear time-after-time. I'm in love with the art T from Week Day, but being an artist myself I think it may end up looking incredibly cliché hahah oh well! My fave fave fave though, has to be the boho esq fringe sandals from Zara! Are they not just beautiful !? 
  On another note, I was planning on doing my first youtube video tomorrow,  as its the first day-off i've had in ages, but once again my plans are colliding, so I'm now off to see the band Peace tomorrow in Birmingham for freeeee! Which I can't really complain about! Its at this really posh venue so it'll be like that episode of Made in Chelsea all over again... YAR YAR  woooo hoooo! So yes if any one else is going come day hey!