Friday, 15 August 2014

Flower Power ~ Morris Style

George Harrison 1968, photo by Bill Zygmant

Nigel Waymouth (left) wearing a William Morris print jacket from Granny Takes a Trip. Photograph by Colin Jones, 1967
The Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

After visiting Monets' garden in France, only a few weeks ago, I can understand the appeal of incorporating nature within print. Its just so bloody beautiful! Now king of all nature incorporated designs has to be William Morris, godfather of victorian textile arts. He loved nature and favoured natural dyes, so earthy and dusky colours usually make up a Morris palette. However within the new winter/fall, designers have taken there own twist, inspired and influenced by his iconic designs, creating vibrant beautiful pieces. If George Harrison can look that good in a Morris jacket (not the handkerchief dancing type) I think we all need to incorporate a bit more nature within our wardrobes. 


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