Sunday, 19 May 2013

#DIY Made A Two Piece Set Out Of A £1.99 Skirt (before/after)

Before :

This is a picture of the skirt I brought for £1.99 in Oxfam. As soon as i saw the floral fabric i knew instantly that i liked it being the floral hoarder i am. The size however is a 16 something that is waaay off my actual size, however as it is a wrap around skirt its easy to alter the buttons in order to tighten the waist. Literally all i had to do was cut the buttons off and sew them tighter but so that they still were correctly positioned next to there hole. I then shortened the skirt which is pretty straight forward however i was left with quite alot of fabric to spare so i decided to make a two piece set as i have seen alot recently in topshop but dont have enough money to buy them :( I made a simple pattern piece using a crop top i already own and brought a zip to go down the side, if anyone is interested in me making a tutorial on how i did it then leave a comment and ill try and put one together ( probably a video as i always find them much more helpfully ) 
So anyways this is how the finished piece came out and at £1.99 this is defiantly something i shall be doing alot of in the future!! 

After :



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  10. This is awesome! I'd love a tutorial on it. It looks like something straight out of h&m! xx Rena
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  11. What an amazing DIY! The set looks beautiful on you and the color is so pretty!

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