Friday, 24 May 2013

Urban Outfitters Wish List

So yesterday i went with my friend to see A$AP Rocky at Birmingham O2 (who was amazing may i mention! he threw water at my face and I grabbed his arm which was deffo a highlight haha). While waiting to check into our hotel we decided to take (probably a mistake as i had no money :'( ) a look around Urban Outfitters. As i live in a small-ish town we don't have any main high street fashion stores apart from a New Look, so its not very often that i get the chance to have a look around Urban Outfitters as i think the closest is in Birmingham (about an hour and 40 mins away). Whilst searching the shop head-to-two i couldn't help but lust over so many items!  So with my new job starting on saturday Y-A-Y i will finally have some money to hopefully get a piece or two. Here are a few of the pieces that really caught my eye;

Urban Outfitters wish list



  1. nice blog I am following you , follow me too?

  2. those patchwork shorts are so nice! I love your blog xx