Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Stolen Girlfriends Club Obsession

Recently I came across a floral designed dress that i instantly fell in love with. For people that know me, i have a very large soft spot for anything floral or nature related so this was very much down my street. The look of the dress screamed out designer however so i was expecting some hefty price that would probably make me cry. However as i found the site the dress was sold on, it had been reduced in the sale from £140 to £70! Although i wasn't screaming with joy as it was from there last seasons range and very much out of stock *s i g h*. I am now however searching my friend the internet to see if there is one still available somewhere! 
Here is the dress ! :) and here is a link to the site 

And here is some more from the beautiful range 

Even a bed cover set !

What are your thoughts on the range ?


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